Here’s a cool video of an integration available from Paradiso Solutions (note that this has not been released on The integration allows you to launch Hangouts directly from Moodle. The possibilities for tutoring, class discussions and other communication objectives are endless. If your school or organization uses Google Apps, this might be a great low cost addition to providing online students a way to connect with you outside of the classroom (regardless of their device).

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Direct video link:

Note: Paradiso Solutions is a supporter of

What platform do you use at your school or institution for communication? Tell us in the comments below!

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  1. I asked Paradiso about this. They said that they do not have Moodle plugins for this. They indicated that the integration is from the Google side. They will not provide the integration as Open Source, but you can pay for it, starting at $4,900.
    Oddly, the video describes Moodle blocks, and the web page for this also shows Moodle blocks.

  2. In the spirit of sharing…
    Here is a link to a WIP Hangout block I developed for our K12 schools, as part of a much larger solution for integrating Moodle and Google For Education services.

    It initiate the Hangout session with all the users in the course,

    And we intend to add the ability to initiate it will the users in the group I am in.

    We open a GFE account for each school and link it to Moodle with SAML

    So users can benefit from more Google services, mainly the drive.


  3. Hello Nadav,
    Your block hasn’t been released yet. Is development ongoing? We could use something like it.

  4. I use it on two Moodle systems. and I have not changed the code for a long time now. as it seems to work fine.
    I have not had the time to make it ready to publish on the directory. but still, you can enjoy it 🙂


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