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One of the best ways to encourage learner progress or course completion and to add value to your course is to provide some way of certifying that an individual has legitimately pass the course. Certificates, diplomas, etc. are all ways to do this, but in today’s digital world, digital badges are a great option that people can use to verify and display their skills and knowledge.

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The Mozilla Foundation developed an open standard for badges, called (surprise!) Open Badges, that provides a way for schools (and businesses and others) to create credentials to that individuals can use to demonstrate what they know or are qualified for.

Open badges have been a part of Moodle (via Totara) since 2012.

Nellie Deutsch of Moodle For Teachers has created a brief video that demonstrates how open badges work. Check it out below:

She walks through the post-class process of uploading badges to a Mozilla backpack so they can be verified and used by the student.

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Do you use Open Badges for your courses? Tell us what types of badges you provide students and how they add value in the comments below!


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