Since the inception of technology in teaching, the trends are changing on a daily basis. Now a days many teachers and lecturers use student response systems and clickers to add some real-time interaction during the lecture or presentation.
Gavin Henrick, Community Projects Manager at Moodle HQ, used the Choice activity to view the live choice results in real time during the keynote speech at MoodleMoot Ireland UK 2016 (#MootIEUK16) without using any clicker device by using the mobile devices only.
Gavin has shared the guide to setting the Moodle Web service for using the choice activity to view live results in a real time dynamic graph – so replacing the clicker requirement and using the students’ own mobile devices instead. You can check out the guide through this Moodle Docs page.
The keynote speech from Gavin is also available online and you can watch it through this link or check it out below.

Indeed it is a very comprehensive guide to set up the web service for displaying the choice activity result in real time and it is very helpful for newbie Moodlers.
What are the other ways to have real time interaction with your students? Do let us know in the comments below.

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