Moodle released its latest version for Mobile systems iOS and Android (Version 3.1.2). It simplifies many common issues for students, such as submissions, a topic we covered recently.

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A long list of improvements, bug fixes and new issues show Moodle’s commitment to conquer a larger share of the Mobile base. Some of the most important or interesting additions are:

  • Submissions. Students can upload homework and other files from the phone. A fix shows alerts if the uploaded file size exceeds the limit.
  • A new assignments submissions review page allows the student to verify their submission.
  • More than one file for submission allowed.
  • A “Shared files” area in the system to store downloads and from where to upload to “My files”.
  • CSS selectors allow layout customization of the app by course the student accesses.
  • New context menu to place information and actions in pages or modules.
  • Users can select which parts of their profile are “visible to everyone”.
  • Full rich text editor.
  • Adds a “basic info” menu to modules that allow it.
  • Fixes to audio and video playback (an iOS issue).
  • “Pull to refresh”.
  • Improved button design.
  • Fixes to fully enable Advanced Grading, Book Logging and Completion, Drag and Drop Questions, and SCORM compatibility.

If you’re not on the most recent Moodle release, to enable and make the most of Moodle Mobile, you may need the “Moodle Mobile Additional Features” plugin installed.

Read the complete list of release notes for Moodle Mobile 3.1.2 here.

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