A common trait of Moodlers, as inhabitants of the OpenSourceVille, is practicality. I am always thinking about doing less of the same thing each day to focus on doing things that don’t scale. And automate as much of the rest as possible.

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And as it happens, in the Moodleverse as in Open Source in general, its is very likely that someone else has thought of your “better way”. Often times your solution exists, it’s just a matter of doing the right search, be it in the Moodle Plugin Directory (use the categories!) or the relevant GitHub repo.

Auto Enrolment is one such better way. It facilitates the job of signing up to new courses. You can set actions made by your student as automatic enrollment triggers:

  • Logging in,
  • viewing a course,
  • viewing an activity,
  • completing an activity.

The June updates improve usability and communication.  It enables email notifications for students about their enrollment status. Some adjustments on the code will allow for Moodle 3.1 compatibility.

Auto Enrolment was created and has been developed and maintained by Eugene Venter (Probably not that one).

Check out the plugin here.

Access the GitHub repo here, where you can also report bugs.

Contribute to translations here.

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