Try Snap, A Customizable, Responsive and Acclaimed Theme For Moodle


Recently, Moodlerooms updated its Snap theme for Moodle 3.0. Moodlerooms is a Moodle customization made by Blackboard. Blackboard contributes to the continuing development of Moodle as an official partner in the USA. A dedicated team in Blackboard works on Snap. It is led by Guy Thomas, David Scotson and Stuart Lamour.

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Snap is free to install in your Moodle. Snap creates a content-centered space where supporting blocks and modules can hide when students need to focus most. It is responsive, so it adapts Moodle to any screen size avoiding pinching and zooming all the time.

The latest updates improve the performance of Snap through code cleanups, both to the core and the CSS outlook. They also includes fixes in browser compatibility, especially Safari. More details under the hood include a bug fix for Moodle systems using PostgreSQL databases, and one where messages from deleted users were still visible.

If you have Snap already installed, you need to update manually. Read more on Moodlerooms Help site.

Visit the Moodle website to download Snap.

And check out the GitHub repo here.

Have you tried Snap in your Moodle? How would you recommend it to moodlers currently theme shopping? Share your advice in the comments!

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