totaralms available in 23 languages

A part of being a global brand means making sure that your products and services are accessible to your audience – in every sense of the word. We recently reported on Moodle’s milestone of one million translated strings that enable native accessibility for the LMS to users that are, literally, around the world.

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As recently pointed out by HowToMoodle, this same effort for global accessibility can be found in TotaraLMS, which is now available in 23 distinct languages, 20 of which have reached more than 80% completeness.

If you are a TotaraLMS user and are interested in expanding the available languages, click here to access and download the .zip files.

Note: HowToMoodle is an advertiser here at

What language do you use on your Moodle or TotaraLMS? Tell us in the comments below!

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