Tired of the old Moodle look, check out this delightful Moodle theme – Edwiser RemUI by WisdmLabs #MoodleThemes @Wisdmlabs


Are you tired of the awful Moodle look and the clunky interface which make your teachers as well as learners run away from it? Then you can feel a bit relaxed now, as WisdmLabs has designed a brand new Moodle theme – Edwiser RemUI, which is more than just a premium theme. I bet that you are going to fall in love with the features and customization’s it has to offer to improve your Moodle LMS look.
As Martin himself has accepted that “We have a problem. When people look at Moodle out of the box, They say: Wow, This looks old” which shows the depth of the issue with the way Moodle looks. The designers at WisdmLabs have worked upon every aspect of the Moodle interface and delivered their best to provide an awesome theme.

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Edwiser RemUI Features:

Edwiser RemUI contains a lot of new features, few out of which are:

  • Custom Layout – The theme provides you two different layout options – Fixed width and Default.
  • Simplified Navigation – Edwiser RemUI provides a seamless navigation through various course elements. The course archive page and course view page are designed beautifully.
  • 100% Responsive – Edwiser RemUI is 100% responsive and supports all screen sizes from Mobile to Tab, Laptop & Desktop.
  • Improved Single Course Page – single course view page provides a neat and clean showcase of your course activities and resources. The sections can be expanded and collapsed based on the requirements.
  • Improved dashboard page – The dashboard is given a completely modern look with a lot of new elements like:
    • Assignments to be graded block
    • Upcoming events
    • Upcoming deadlines block
    • Recently active forums block
    • Add notes block
    • Quick message block
  • Upgraded User Profile Page – The user profile page is displayed is a more professional manner. The most awesome thing which I liked the most is that it displays the common courses when you are viewing some other person’s profile.
  • Superior Blog Archive Page – The blog archive page is designed to give a neat and clean professional blog like feeling.
  • Course Progress Reports – The progress in all the courses are displayed on your profile page.
  • Graphical Stats for Quizzes – For teachers there is a graphical stats block which gives an overview about the quiz attempts.
  • Quick Enrolment Option on Courses – Through the course archive page, you can quickly enrol users to any course.
  • Customizable Front Page Settings – The front page of Edwiser RemUI theme is very flexible and gives a lot of room for customization.


This is just a glimpse of the awesome features of Edwiser RemUI theme. If you would like to check out all the features of the theme then you can take a free demo of Edwiser RemUI here.
Once you are satisfied with the demo then head straight to purchase this awesome theme for only $79. If you would like to have it for 2 sites then you can get it for $99.

Supported Versions:

The theme supports Moodle 3.0 and 3.1 versions. The official documentation about using the Edwiser RemUI theme is documented here.


Although it is a premium theme it deserves a lot of accolades because of the work done on various parts of the Moodle elements. It will surely motivate Moodle theme designers to create more professional looking themes in the future.

About WisdmLabs:

WisdmLabs is a web development company with expertise in open source solutions like WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento, LearnDash etc. Edwiser is their sub-brand which caters to the demands of standalone open source LMS solutions like Moodle, Totara LMS etc with products like Edwiser Bridge & Edwiser RemUI. You can check out their complete offerings here.
Have you tried the demo of the Edwiser RemUI theme? What’s your take about the new features introduced in this new theme? Share your opinion with us in the comments section below.
P.S. – WisdmLabs is a proud sponsor of MoodleWorld.

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