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Mobile is no longer the future, it is the reality of today. So beyond a nice to have, it has become a standard expectation for the higher education student body of today – and students who are already a part of the workforce. (Think I’m kidding? Mellennials, who were born post-internet, make up the largest segment of the workforce in the US. Today.) What this means for Moodler’s around the world is simple: your course, instance, design, project… your everything Moodle needs to be mobile friendly.

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Here’s the good news: going mobile with Moodle is fairly easy and standard ops for 3.0 and up. The Moodle Mobile App is a priority and focus for Moodle HQ and it will only continue to get better from here.

But what should you be doing as a Moodlepreneur to make your courses as mobile friendly as possible? Here are some key must haves:

Set up any courses so they optimize the mobile screen:

  • Use a course format such as topics or weekly that display nicely on a mobile device.
  • While links work in the Mobile app, try your best to minimize direct links to activities and orphaned activities.

Make sure you take time to explain the Moodle mobile app to your students:

When you begin your course, make sure your students enable notifications in the Moodle mobile app:

  • This will make sure they don’t miss important updates, assignments, forum posts, calendar updates and other important class happenings.

Get your course content in line with what works on Mobile:

  • When possible use responsive code or mini-sites.
  • Use pages as resources (instead of downloadable materials) when possible.
  • Avoid text heavy anything – think in terms of crib notes or sound bites.
  • Use video (youtube clips open automatically in a video player).
  • Provide a short text introduction for any label, so student know what’s inside.

And, of course, use a Moodle theme that is Mobile friendly:

  • Mobile is a mute point if your theme doesn’t work and isn’t responsive. There are lots of great options out there – make sure your theme is mobile ready.

Final thought, understand the reality that Moodle – like all technologies – is constantly improving and upgrading. Know what you can and can’t do in mobile today (there are still limitations on all platforms) and pay attention to regular updates.

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How do you optimize your classes for Moodle Mobile? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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