The next edition of the Learn Moodle MOOC will commence from the upcoming Sunday, 07th August. The MOOC course is the best opportunity for all the new Moodle users around the world to Learn, Discuss, Share their ideas with other Moodle users around the world.
Last time when the course was run in Jan-Feb this year, there were more than 4ooo participants from all over the world. Right now You can sign up for the course and introduce yourself to the other participants.

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The course will run for 4 weeks and will be a free of cost course managed and run by Moodle HQ. You need to spent around 3-4 hours a week to complete the course. Afterwards the course will remain available for participants in read-only mode until 30 March 2016.

Learn Moodle MOOC starting this Sunday
The course outline is as follows:
Week 1 (7 – 14 Aug) –“Getting Started”

  • Course set up
  • Discovering blocks
  • Adding documents

Week 2 (15 – 21 Aug) –“Getting Involved”

  • Adding course materials, images and media
  • Engaging learners in collaborative activities
Week 3 (22 – 28 Aug) – “Making The Grade”
  • Setting assignments
  • Assessing with quizzes
  • Viewing the gradebook
  • Enrolling learners

Week 4 (29 Aug- 4 Sept)  –“Taking It Further”

  • Exploring advanced Moodle features
  • Saving and re-using courses
  • Accessing Moodle Partner training

Moreover, there is a dedicated mobile app for learning on the go.  The Learn Moodle mobile app provides:

  • Engage in discussions and real time text chat
  • Keep up to date with messages and calendar reminders
  • Download course content for offline viewing
  • Complete activities on the move

You can download the mobile app for android devices from Google Play store here and for iOS devices here.
Are you going to participate in the Learn Moodle MOOC? If you are already an experienced Moodler then also you can share your experience with the new Moodlers and provide answers to their queries. So, sign up for the MOOC through this link now.

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