This Plugin Lets You Play With SQLite 3 From Moodle 3.1

DataPlus lets you produce customizable, portable, standalone SQLite3 databases. It is perfect to give practical experience to students in topics covering databases, relational models, even more general data keeping and management concepts. Based on my non-comprehensive knowledge of interactive coding courses, I think there is a space to fill in SQL and databases.

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DataPlus is completely independent from the databases that make up the Moodle core. It cannot modify it, and it works if the database engine for Moodle is different from SQLite3. Instructors can create a database instance through templates and module settings. Some preset databases and an importing feature make the job easier.

One of the cool things of DataPlus is database exporting. So you can promise students that at the end of your course they will have their own functional database for their personal purposes. If for some reason you don’t want to, instructors can limit this and other features.

The latest version of DataPlus, 2.4, makes it compatible with Moodle 3.1. Unfortunately, compatibility for previous Moodle versions is not confirmed, as this is the only update in the last three years.

Download and install DataPlus by going to this Moodle Directory page.


Find out more about DataPlus at the Open University.


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