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Gareth Barnard has done it yet again and announced what he is calling an essential re-write of the Shoelace theme for Moodle. The theme is currently in ‘release candidate’ status at

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

Why the re-write? Gareth explained that there were two motivation. He wanted to “learn how to implement the new Mustache templating mechanism… [and expand his] knowledge of jQuery and learn how to create modules.” We do love the constant evolution demanded by Moodle and its associated technologies.

The new Shoelace has two major new features:

  1. A carousel on the front page and
  2. Functionality with the navbar that shows/hides it as you scroll on the page.

As you would expect there are also a number of other fixes and updates. These include:

  1. Fixing a typo in the Style Guide and added the Style Guide now associated with Essential (you can access it from outside your site here – moodlesite/theme/shoelace/pages/styleguide.php)
  2. Using only templates based on Mustache
  3. A color change for dimmed out text
  4. Several fixes to the navbar (including the new show/hide feature)
  5. A new logo height setting
  6. A variety of font adjustments for more awesomeness

If you’d like to take a look, the release candidate is available here:

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Do you currently use Shoelace on your Moodle? Will you update to this new version? Tell us in the comments below!

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