Martin Dougiamas, the founder & CEO of Moodle, presented the future roadmap of Moodle in the keynote speech during the recently concluded MoodleMoot Ireland UK 2016 (#MootIEUK16).
During the speech, Martin Dougiamas touched upon the different strings attached to the Moodle project like MoodleCloud, Moodle Users Association, and changes in future versions of Moodle.
You can watch the keynote speech video recording through this direct link or check it out below:

The notable points from the speech are:

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS
  • MoodleCloud is now 7 months old with more than 15000 active sites and 40M actions/month [16:40].
  • MoodleCloud will have separate plans for Schools apart from the existing free one’s[19:04].Moodlecloud for school plans
  • New Moodle theme for Moodlecloud sites with lot of customization capabilities[19:52].
  • Popular Contributed plugins added to the MoodleCloud site which includes: [20:32]
  • The updates to the Moodlecloud will be released by April end and there will be no support from Moodle HQ for sites hosted on MoodleCloud. In case you need support then you can contact the nearest Moodle Partner in your country [22:30].
  • Updates to the Moodle Users Association activities and members[23:30].
  • New features coming in Moodle 3.1 [30:42].
  • Current Moodle HQ priorities [40:32]
    • New default theme with no blocks and Bootstrap 4
    • Activity Module overhauls
    • Easier integrations
    • Strong Mobile Support
  • The Roadmap [42:11]

I am very much excited to see a lot of great new things happening in the Moodle world.
Someone among the participants in the Moot asked Martin about having the capabilities to create content within Moodle similar to Google Slides? What are the other features which you would like to add into Moodle core? What are your key takeaways from MoodleMoot Ireland UK 2016?

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