The United States Of Mobile And Social Learning

In the past few years we have seen a significant increase in the types of training delivery methods available to businesses technology that is emerging and is both social and mobile has transformed the learning tools we are using. Taking advantage of great tools as soon as they are out there will compound your success, whether you are an instructor, designer, salesperson or entrepreneur.

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Here is some current intel on the state of social and mobile learning tools today.

Long live mobile

If there is something that has changed company training more than anything else in the past years is the rise of mobile. Training was once limited to one particular location, with an instructor in front and maybe physical resources. Today, it can now place anywhere and at any time. This versatility is opening new frontiers beyond costs and schedules, encompassing security and relevance issues. Employees can pick up and put down their training modules wherever they like, at their own convenience. They can consult their learning source before new tasks It the company’s bottom line, as well as employee satisfaction in general.


As well as being mobile, Learning Management Systems (LMS), such as Moodle, are growing increasingly adaptable. Anyone who has tried to train or teach anyone using a standard textbook or training video knows that there is no such thing as “one size fits all” when it comes to training anyone. The “weldability” of learning tools now means that you are able to focus on training the individual, not trying to come up with something that might apply to everyone. You can send specific departments new modules as they come up, or have certain employees repeat or take extra modules in areas where they are weak or struggling. Learners can also make more path choices, but don’t let them decide on a preferred assessment. Current tools allow you final control in creating a training program that suits your company’s specific needs.


You might worry about the distance between employees and their mentors that arises as a result of a mobile training system. An “individual learning environment” does have an ostracism aftertaste. However, this personalized system does not mean that employees are isolated. On the contrary, the opposite effect is true. Most mobile learning tools are more social than ever before. By taking advantage of them, managers can keep track of team progress, reach out to employees individually and as a group, and create challenges that foster collaboration. The social nature of these learning tools also allows for digital marketing opportunities.


Where this kind of technology really separates itself from the textbooks and training manuals of the past is in the ability to be a multimedia experience. Integrating visual, audio, and video, training coaches and instructors create more interesting training programs that speak more to people and reflect a more diverse group of learning styles.

These are some of the best things that current technology brings to the table for training. If you are not taking advantage of mobile learning tools within your company, you might want to start looking into how you can. The time is now.

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