When I first saw the tags for Sean Michael Morris’s Slideshare titled The LMS as Portal – Digital Pedagogy Lab, I was expecting a presentation about how to use the LMS as a portal-like interface for learners to access information, or some similar technological discussion.

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Boy was I wrong, and (pleasantly) surprised to find 16 slides of reflection on what I would consider teaching fundamentals and how we so often mistake the LMS as the answer to the frustrations of teaching – and learning – instead of a springboard, or enabler, for the same. Morris invites us to reflect and reconsider how we’re using our LMS (or perhaps abusing?) rather than diving in and being a part of the learning experience as instructors.

I particularly liked this slide:

moodle digital pedagogue

I recommend that you take a few minutes out of your day in the near future in order to consider Morris’s critical question: how do you work within the limitations of the LMS to build courses that adhere to the tenets of critical digital pedagogy and inspire learning and inquiry?

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How do you work within the limitations of the LMS to inspire? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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