Now you can test the reading fluency of your students in terms of Words Correct per Minute (WCPM) score by using the Read Aloud plugin which is developed by Justin Hunt (the PoodLL guy).
Read Aloud plugin allows the teacher to assign a reading passage and the student is required to record themselves reading the passage aloud. The teacher can later grade passages via the online interface and the student can see both their scores and the words that were marked as incorrectly spoken. The teacher can optionally enable a TTS(Text to Speech)  feature that allows the student to hear the correct pronunciation of the word.
Here is a quick introductory video for the Read Aloud plugin (check out this direct link)-

What I liked the most in the read aloud plugin is the simpler grading interface through which you can very easily grade the tests submitted by students along with accuracy, WPM and grade scores.
The default recording time is 1 minute and the student does not have the option to finish early. But the time is configurable, and there is an option to allow the student to finish early should it suit the teacher’s purpose.
You can download the Read Aloud plugin from the Moodle Plugins database from –
How you assess your students reading ability skills in Moodle? What are the other plugins you use for reading ability assessment? Do let us know in the comments below.

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