Test The Speed Of Your Moodle Machine With The Benchmark Plugin

The Benchmark plugin is an easy way for an administrator to give a standard battery of performance tests to a Moodle installation. It recently came out of beta and is now available in the plugin respository.

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Currently, Benchmark includes 10 metrics evaluated against acceptable and critical limits to produce a Benchmark score. They are measured in seconds (less is better). Here are the 10 metrics:

  1. Loading Moodle.
  2. Call a function many times (in a loop).
  3. Reading a test file.
  4. Writing a test file.
  5. Reading a full course.
  6. Writing a full course on the database.
  7. Executing a complex request.
  8. Executing a (polynomially) more complex request.
  9. Connecting with a guest account.
  10. Connecting with a fake login account.

Check out the Benchmark Plugin Moodle page here. You can also visit the forum page to see some benchmark scores of contributing Moodlers.

And check out the GitHub repo here, where you can suggest and contribute new benchmarks.

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Share your Benchmark Score below! Make sure you include OS, RAM, size of hard drive, number of GPUs, and whether it’s local or cloud!

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