learn moodle mooc 2016 week 4

Week four of the Learn Moodle MOOC: Teaching with Moodle is underway. This week’s focus is on several advanced elements of Moodle that are introduced for those Moodler’s who’d like to go beyond the introductory materials presented in the MOOC.

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

Check out the video below that introduces the week’s activities:

The course this week will cover the following topics:

  1. Learn how to provide both self- and peer-assessment options using the Workshop activity.
  2. Learn how to provide personalized content for independent learning or simulations by branching topics in the Lesson activity.
  3. Learn how to have checkboxes displayed once an activity has been completed.
  4. Learn how to mark a course as complete and provide badges as a way of recognizing your learners.
  5. Learn how to restrict access to content within a course to only those learners who are ready for it.

This is the final week of this learn Moodle MOOC. As with all things Moodle, the content for this course is publicly available:

What as been your experience with this installment of the Learn Moodle MOOC? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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