For language teachers especially the teachers who teaches English as a second language program (ESL) in their schools/universities it is very tedious to make students practice speaking and improve their pronunciation.
Speechace has come up with a paid plugin for Moodle which provides speech recognition functionality in Moodle. As of now it is available only for English language but as per the Speechace team it can be provided in other languages also based on demand.
Here is a short 3 minute demo video showing the pronunciation courses in Moodle using Speechace plugin (and this is the direct link):

The best part of the speechace is that the user speech is decomposed into Syllable and Phoneme links on the fly.
I am definitely going to give it a try in my free time to test it out.
What are the other plugins or services which you are using in your language courses? Let us know in the comments below.
PS – MoodleWorld is not related to Speechace by any means.

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