WordPress, the most popular open source CMS based on PHP and MySQL is widely used by more than 26.4% of all websites over the globe. Many institutes, corporates, universities who are using Moodle as their Learning Management System (LMS) are using WordPress as their frontend Content Management System (CMS).
A new block plugin “WordPress Feed” developed by Igor Sazonov provides an efficient way to display the news from WordPress sites into your Moodle site through REST API. It can be used to display important company/university news on your Moodle site.
Wordpress feed block #Moodleplugins

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  • Choose custom post types from your wordpress site to be displayed.
  • Supports output skins
  • Customizable up to a much greater extent
  • Block settings enabled only for Moodle administrators.


The plugin installation process is very simple and the zip file has to be extracted into Your-Moodle-Site/blocks directory followed by completing the installation process through the Notifications page. Read the Plugin installation guide for complete steps about installing a new plugin in Moodle.

Intended Usage:

The block is only meant to be used by the Moodle site administrators to display the newsfeed from the WordPress site and not by Teachers and students.


The plugin comes up with a nice and self explanatory documentation on the Github project page. The docs page contains examples for Skin Development, Customization and plugin settings.

Does it serves its purpose:

Absolutely the plugin serves the intended purpose and displays the posts from the WordPress sites into the Moodle block.


You can download the Course Module Navigation block plugin from the Moodle plugins database through this entry – https://moodle.org/plugins/block_wpfeed


Since this block is only meant for Administrators and perfectly serves its intended purpose but is only limited to very specific usage, so I am happy to give it 4.5 stars out of 5.
Custom Course Menu Rating
Do you ever need to display the news from your frontend website into your Moodle site? Do let us know in the comments below.
*** Please note that these reviews are based only on the usability part without any consideration for security and performance impact. So if you want to use these plugins, please make sure to test the plugin for security and any performance issues.***

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  1. Hi, thanks for great plugin review! But i dont understand about why students and teachers need allows to edit the plugin settings, there tech settings that knows only WP site administrator (=Moodle admin), so why? =)

  2. HI Igor, Thanks for the complement. The plugin is not meant for use by teachers and students. However, the default permissions for the block shows that Teacher and Manager can Add and Edit the WPFeed block whereas Students can only view it along with other roles like authenticated user, guest and non-editing teacher role.
    I had also mentioned that the block is meant to be used by Admins only and not meant for Teachers and Students.


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