The reward that comes from being an instructional designer is undeniable. However, its also a well know issue that the technical support aspects of this expertise can be significant. I know I am not alone. We spend too much time delivering “Moodle 101” workshops, creating intranet guides, fielding questions. And, being available essentially 24/7 via social feeds a vicious cycle. Could there be a scalable way to provide the support instructors need?

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VerveEd would like you to think yes.

The “industry first” solution they have come up with is a self-help, cloud-based accreditation system. It consists of a set of 9 challenges that should cover most support scenarios. And it takes place right within Moodle. Not through videos or quizzes, but by following you. If you succeed in VerveEd Moodle, you succeed in a real instance of Moodle!

Each of the 9 challenges gives the teacher or instructor a scenario and a task to complete. In this animated example, I am grading and giving feedback to 5 essay submissions.


As you can see, the VerveEd solution has added a “challenge dashboard” to the bottom of Moodle. It monitors my progress while I complete a real task on my own Moodle installation.

Successful completion awards me a badge. A “Professional Development Certificate” shows the badges I have won for the challenges. The certificate is available for download or sharing, and it looks like this:

Administrators can see teacher’s progress through the VerveEd dashboard. You can add VerveEd to Moodle and access the dashboard on a trial version. VerveEd also invites you to inquire about a pilot for your organization, where they tailor training and challenges to your needs and requirements.

For more information, visit, or contact [email protected]


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  1. We’ve received a number of emails from people asking about which plugins we’ve used for the ‘pop-ups’ in the tours and challenges. We’ve developed the code ourselves, and it’s different for both the tours and the challenges. For the tours we’ve used hopscotch.js as one of the underpinning javascript libraries, which is a different approach to which Andrew Niccols is using for Moodle 3.2 tours. The challenges are a different beast entirely, with very little code from the tours being used with them. Happy to answer any other questions here if the answer would be of benefit to others.


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