Sample And Apply Moodle Content From ProblemSplitter And Many Providers With Official Moodle Hub

Do you know the Moodle Course Hub? If the answer is no, you are missing out. Moodle maintains an official database of courses and supporting content for your Moodle courses. The Moodle Hub is another example of an Open Educational Resources (OER) database.

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You can search through “Courses I can download”. These are archives of previous courses that you can install in your own installation. There are hundreds in all subjects, including Moodle. Click on “show more” to filter your search. In the “Design for” field you can filter courses for administrators or teachers, in addition to students.

Other filters include educational level, subject, license and language.

Search through “Courses I can enroll in” to improve your skills, for Moodle’s or more general ones.

Go to “other content” on the right panel to find quizzes, database and other complete activities. These include User Tours. We discussed User Tours in a previous article.

Let us review a set of quizzes for physics. Found from the search, it redirect us to This site hosts a set of content focused on STEM. We found 135 quizzes for physics, 16 of those about forces, and 4 of them of “Basics of Forces” level:

  • 01: Basics of Forces
  • 02: Basics of Motion
  • 03: Inertia-1
  • 04: Newton’s Third Law

Hopefully they will help you improve the quality of your testing of basic Newtonian physics, or even your own skills. Of course, if physics is not your thing, you can always try new keywords in the Moodle Hub.

To access all the content from you need to sign up for a free account to their Moodle. And to access the Moodle Hub, just go here. You can also submit your courses and content and reach the moodleverse!

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Have you found (or submitted) anything awesome in the Hub recently? Share with us!


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