Right On Schedule: Moodle 2.7, 2.9, 3.0, 3.1 Updated

Moodle HQ, via Development Process Manager Marina Glancy, released the news on a Moodle.org forum. The new versions are ready for straightforward update or installation. But if you are looking to implement Moodle from scratch, Glancy recommends waiting for Moodle 3.2, which was delayed to November 28th.

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Download the latest build of each version  in GitHub or through download.moodle.org. Let’s go into detail for each of the new versions:

2.7.17 (LTS)

This Long Term Support release is for legacy operations that do not have the ability to update easily or are too critical to deal with compatibility issues of newer versions.

Upgrades to 2.7 ended on May, 2015. Security updates will run until May, 2017. In any case it is not advisable to hold on until the last update to upgrade your Moodle.

See 2.7.17 release notes.


All updates, including security, ended on May, 2016.


This is the last security update to 2.9. Upgrades and non-security fixes had ended on May, 2016.

See 2.9.9 release notes.


Additions to 3.0 include functional changes and API changes. Regarding functional changes, Moodle now asks users to complete critical profile elements before enjoying access to the site. Also teachers can disable identities when importing assignments when blind marking is enabled.

APIs upgraded are Dropbox, to v2, and Redis.

Fixes and improvements were also made to SCORM, case-different variables to calculated questions, video playback, member group search, editing in the Book activity, Restricted Access settings panel, notification email unsubscribe options, grade editing in the Assignment activity and Bootstrapbase Themes.

This is the last core upgrade and bug fixes. Security updates will continue until May, 2017.

See 3.0.7 release notes.


It includes all the additions, API upgrades, fixes and improvements for 3.0.7.

A new feature in the Assignment activity allows bulk download of student submissions in separate folders.

See 3.1.3 release notes.

Download the latest build of each version  in GitHub or through download.moodle.org.

Find a schedule of releases, both past and future, in docs.moodle.org/dev/Releases.

Read Glancy’s thread here.


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