Hey there Moodlers, this week we found 3 new job hot Moodle jobs that are available to ignite your Moodle career. If you are looking to make a move then you can take a look at the recent job postings in the Moodle jobs database.
Check out these 3 new postings from around the globe:
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3 more Moodle jobs to boost your career @moodlejobsAs per the recent trends of the job postings, I can definitely infer that Moodle Developers are in great demand and will continue to be for next few years. If you are looking to choose Moodle as your career option then entering into Moodle development is the best bet.
As always, you can check out the full description of these opportunities by clicking on the links above, or by visiting Moodle.org/jobs.
If you want to post your Moodle related work requirements to the jobs database, then login to your account at moodle.org and then click the “Add entry” tab in the Jobs database.
Which kind of Moodle job you are looking for? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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