rating allocate plugin update 3.0

Students are asked to allocate their time between many competing interest on a regular basis: classes, lectures, seminars, professional development and extra-curricular activities, among others. Oftentimes, students can find themselves locked out of an opportunity because they were not given the option to contribute to decision making, or because they were required to make decisions without complete information.

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The Rating Allocate plugin seeks to eliminate these frustrations associated with distribution by allowing students to indicate their preferences for particular activities. Depending upon the settings, these preferences can be chosen through yes/no, points, scales or several other strategies. After students have been given the opportunity to make their choices, the plugin automatically selects them for activities in a way that maximizes overall satisfaction.

The plugin has just been updated for 3.0. You can get it by clicking here.

How do you assign students to different activities – or allow them to make choices for the same? Tell us in the comments below!

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