At the recent MoodleMoot Australia, Vernon Spain showcased the Generico plugin to quick course rollout. By “quick”, he means around ten seconds, provided you have all the content ready.

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Consequences of the lack of better production tools are immediately visible on Moodle or any other LMS. The infamous “scroll of death“, among other pitfalls of user interaction, could count among them, according to Spain.

Images would not completely solve the problem of “just having a very tedious experience”, for both students, instructors, designers and developers. Add to it Spain’s commitments which require him to update courses for seven different Moodle-based LMS.

In the darkest part of Spain’s deployment night, he found Generico.

The Generico plugin allows adding shortcodes for practical creation of different types of content. A button on Moodle’s rich text editors opens a list of buttons for items to insert. The list of items are customizable and designers can create any kind of preset item.

For the second part of the talk he shows the rich and complex uses he found from the simple “templating filter” plugin made by Justin Hunt. Responsive video carousels, background images, alerts, accordions and modal boxes, “and more and more“. The beauty of Generico is that all the code snippet goes behind the buttons and becomes ready for teachers to use, creating dazzling course pages in an instant.

Spain is National Senior Educational Technologist at Endeavour College of Natural Health, Brisbane.

Watch the video for the complete talk. Download the slides here (PPTX).

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