QA testing for Moodle 3.1 began only a few days ago but the community-driven effort has already cleared over 60% of the tickets in review.

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QA testing is an essential part of any code release and Moodle’s large code base requires a village sized effort to ensure that every bug has been resolved, every enhancement is working as expected, and every new feature is fully vetted and ready for production sites worldwide.

Five hundred twenty-four issues are part of 3.1. If you’re interested in lending a hand it’s as easy as logging into tracker, claiming a ticket, and following the directions to test it (familiarity with Moodle and those specific features is huge help). Volunteer here:



To keep an eye on progress visit the QA Testing Dashboard in Moodle’s Jira:

A huge thanks to all of those testers who’ve already lent a hand.

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