Progress Bar block which has got maximum number of votes for this years project development cycle in the Moodle Users Association voting, has been updated to a new version with new presentation options like squeeze, scroll and swipe.
In a recent update to the most popular block plugin for Moodle, Michael de Raadt, the Maintainer of Progress Bar block and Research Director at Moodle HQ has posted about the changes in the new version of the block.
Now you can display the bar in 3 different ways:

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS
  • Squeezed into one horizontal bar
  • Scrolling sideways to show overflowing bar segments
  • Wrapping to show all bar segments on multiple lines

Which means that your users will get a much better user experience in your course.
Progress Bar block updated with new presentation features #MoodlePlugins
You can download your copy of the Progress Bar block from the Moodle plugins database here. If you haven’t used the it yet for tracking the progress of your students, here is a small demo video of the block –

How do you track progress of students in your Moodle course? Apart from the progress bar block, which other plugins you want to see in the Moodle core? Do let us know in the comments below.

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