The Nagasaki-based, Justin Hunt-led team behind PoodLL is happy to report on the past events following their release of version 3. Hundreds of users, some of them who preordered, have had access to the nine plugins that conform the PoodLL ecosystem, and the iOS app, on trial basis. We reported on PoodLL launch last month.

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

During this past few weeks, they have made some small improvements and fixes as requested by the community. The team reports some bigger issues, but unrelated to Moodle. Rather they involved the payment processing with Paypal and Stripe.

The vision for PoodLL is to turn courses into “language labs”. The nine plugins have a summary page, and are:

  1. Filter: gives the basic functionality, and adds HTML widgets with stopwatches and drawing boards. It is required by the other plugins.
  2. Anywhere: A button added to the text editor toolbar. Compatible with the TinyMCE rich text editor.
  3. Anywhere (Atto): Same deal but for the Atto rich text editor.
  4. PoodLL. Allows recording audio and video, and drawing, in HTML areas.
  5. Recording: Standalone MP3 recorder and player.
  6. Database: Allows the Moodle Database activity to store audio and video files.
  7. Online: Allows teachers to give assignments in audio or video.
  8. Assignment: Lets students submit recorded assignments.
  9. Feedback: Allows teachers to reply messages with recordings.

All plugins are compatible with Moodle 2.6 and above.

PoodLL is a paid service with a free trial, but its code is open for anyone to use. Visit the PoodLL page for fees, and get the code here.

Demo PoodLL here.

And see all the PoodLL plugins for Moodle here.


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