Policy And Platform: Student-Centered Innovation At ISF Hong Kong

No technology is an island, but they certainly can connect the islands around one of the world’s greatest cities and a learning capital of the world.

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For many reasons, Hong Kong is a learning battlefield. Home to a multi-million dollar tutoring industry, it only highlights the pressure to excel for K-12 institutions. Aware of the stakes, Head of Educational Technology at the Independent Schools Foundation Academy (ISF) Sean Moran has led a vanguardist approach to LMS implementation. It combines Moodlerooms with a diverse device policy, for a curriculum that emphasizes the bridge between Chinese culture and world-class education. Could any less be expected of one of the building blocks in Hong Kong’s knowledge economy?

Moodlerooms’ E-Learn Magazine gives Moran a space to share details on their policies, goals and outcomes. Right off the start, his motto is flexibility. The use of devices depends on the school levels, with degrees of autonomy proportional to time left for graduation:

  • Primary school students use the same tablets, laptops and desktops computers provided by the student. The LMS allows parents to access through personal accounts and supervise their children.
  • Middle school students are required to own specific tiers of MacBooks.
  • Seniors follow a “Bring Your Own Device program” with no constraints.

The LMS is a constant throughout their time at ISF. Always up-to-date, it features special courses on web and mobile content and applications on top of the regular syllabus set up by the teachers.

Moran appears content with the solutions and their efficacy. It has simplified platform management in such manner that has fostered participation by all members of the ISF community.

Read the full interview at Moodlerooms’ E-Learn Magazine.


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