Vadim Dvorovenko, Head of informational support at Kemerovo State University of Culture and Arts, Kemerovo, Russia, has shared 4 plugins with Moodle community through Moodle forums for improving the working with large question banks.
He has shared 4 plugins which are as follows –

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS
  • resortquestioncategory – allows to resort categories alphabetically
  • renumberquestioncategory – adds hierarchical numbering to category names
  • quickrenamequestioncategories – allows to change names of all categories in one form
  • purgequestioncategory – allows to remove question category with all subcategories and questions.

The plugins will be released through Moodle Plugins database after the approval process but in the mean time you can download these plugins through this forum link and test it on your development server. Vadim has tested the plugins with Moodle 3.0 only but it may work with other Moodle versions also without any issue.
The plugins needs to be installed in Your_Moodle_Site/local directory and installed through notifications page. Once installed you will see new options under the Question Banks tree.

Quickly rename question bank categories
Quickly rename question bank categories

When I tested the plugins on my Moodle 3.0 development server, I found the plugins to be very handy and the interface is very neat and clean and easy to use. The plugins may result in a lot of time savings for bigger institutes.
If you are also facing similar kind of problem with management of Question banks categories then you can use these plugins.
Do let us know if you feel that these set of plugins will be helpful for your institute in the comments below.

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