Play And Master The 'Immortal Game' In Moodle

For those wishing the Carlsen fever to never end, the collective known as TheGlobalATeam has them covered. Ardit Dika, Thomas Mellemseter, Nikita Uvarov, Joakim Fredriksen, Mile Stojkovski and Jan Greger Hem are rising up to spread the status of chess as the ultimate strategy learning game.

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No, they are not at the top of the international FIDE rank, despite how much their names seem to belong. Led by Dita, the Team took the noble route of developing ChessBlock, a plugin that features a chessboard and an artificial contender for students.

While there is evidence of a correlation between chess skills and IQ, the science to date is insufficient to claim that chess training improves IQ or that high IQ subjects will always be good at chess. Still, there is a large group of advocates of chess into K-12 and US Common Core curriculum, invoking problem-solving, creativity, memory and outreach arguments.

This is the first version of ChessBlock. Compatibilty has been tested with Moodle 3.1 only. Download ChessBlock from the Moodle Plugin Directory.

Find ChessBlock at its GitHub repo.


Do you use chess in the virtual classroom? We want to hear your take. You are officially challenged to a comments match!


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