Pioneer theme new version 1.3.8 is available for download form the Moodle themes database with a lot of new features as covered previously in this post.
The new version contains a lot of notable features like –

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS
  • Page Scroll Spy returns the user to their last position when the page refreshes or the user returns. Very useful when turning editing on and off while at the bottom of a course with lots of topics.
  • Course Slideshow!  Takes the course header image and builds a beautiful slideshow on the top of the frontpage.  Site admin just needs to add the course ID numbers of the courses they want to include.
  • Course Completion Radial Animation.  Appears in the upper left corner of courses with completion turned on.  Site admin can turn this off for all courses with a simple checkbox.
  • Course Creator (Teachers) only textbox.  Ideal for showing instructions to only teachers when they login.
  • Frontpage custom login form show/hide toggle
  • Marketing Spots at top and bottom of page
  • Many styling and layout improvements

Course completion header in Pioneer theme #MoodleThemes
You can download your copy of the Pioneer theme for Moodle here. We really appreciate the efforts put by Chris in adding all these new features to the Pioneer theme and maintaining one of the most popular Moodle theme.
Which theme are you using on your Moodle site? What are the other new features which you would like to be added to the Pioneer theme? Do let us know in the comments below.

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