Moodle 3.2, the next stable version of Moodle, will include some major changes related to the theme and navigation including a brand new theme. Damyon Weise has started working over the new project with writing the specifications for it.
One of the major proposal for the project is that the new theme will be based on Bootstrap 4 to give maximum supported lifetype and advanced features.
New Theme and Navigation project for #Moodle 3.2The major requirements listed till date for the new theme are:

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS
  • use a CSS framework that will be supported upstream for a long time
  • testing framework needs to be theme independent
  • make the navigation simpler and more intuitive
  • introduce quick navigation from course to course or section to section
  • promote the content of each page rather than the peripheral sections (blocks)
  • the visual design of Moodle should look distinct from older versions
  • every page with settings should use a consistent, recognisable UI element to get to the settings
  • add lots of settings to the new theme so it can be used for many sites without installing a child-theme

The Moodle Tracker issue MDL-55070 for the new project is marked as an Epic issue consisting of multiple smaller issues. Earlier we have posted about the suggestions required for the new theme in Moodle 3.2 here.
If you are also a Moodle theme designer/developer and would like to suggest any idea related to the new Moodle theme, you can share it on the tracker issue here or in this forum thread.

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