Mary Evans is designing a new Moodle theme for Moodle 3.1 named “GoLogo” and seeks contribution from Moodle Community members in testing the same and providing your feedback.
In a recent post on Moodle forums, Mary posted about the release of the initial version of the GoLogo theme which is a simple theme with a lot of custom block regions and very few settings.
You can download the theme from the GitHub repo of Mary Evans from – and start testing it on Moodle 3.1 dev version (which can be downloaded here).
Golog theme by Mary Evans
When I tested the theme on my local development Moodle 3.1 site, I observed that the theme is very simple to use and contains many new block regions which can be used to improve your site design. However I was not able to do a complete test with the theme at this time. Will post about the updates may be in another post over this Theme in the upcoming days.
You can also test the GoLogo theme and provide your feedback to Mary Evans in this forum thread to help in improving the theme.

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