Nephila Web Is The Latest Official Moodle Partner And The First Of Philippine Origins

Nephila Web Technology and Moodle announced their partnership last week.

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This means Nephila will provide support to the ongoing development of Moodle. In exchange, Moodle will list them in the official Partners directory and will recommend Nephila for Philippine institutional consumers. Since 2011 Nephila provides consulting and implementation services for IT installations based in Open Source Technologies, such as Moodle.

Nephila’s offering is end-to-end, from customization and themes, to training and development.

Before Nephila, Moodlerooms was the only Moodle Partner with operations in the Philippines. This makes Nephila the first local one. Nephila is based off Quenzon City, the country’s largest and part of Metro Manila, the capital. Nephila becomes Moodle’s 86th partner.

A bit of trivia: Nephila is the scientific name of the golden silk orb-weaver, a spider endemic of the South Pacific. She is known for her massive and strong webs, used by tribes for fishing nets and ingredient  of today’s manufacturing of tire, rubber, even vests and helmets.

For more information on Nephila visit their website.

Read the full announcement from Moodle or from PRWeb.

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