Multimedia Content Development: Planning Is Everything

Lisa Leiva from the University of California, San Franciso, shares her tips for creating multimedia content in a blog post for Convergence, UCSF’s Collaborative Learning Environment (CLE).

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I couldn’t agree more with her foundation: planning is everything. Having a clear goal that you’ll remember every step of the way will focus your work and guide decision making. In multimedia projects, this goal needs to include three basic, interrelated factors:

  1. Message
  2. Media
  3. Audience

It is only after you have ascertained these three elements that you can delve into the technical aspects. If you have the good fortune to be a member of UCSF, their Learning Tech Group will get you set up with equipment, software and a warm workstation. If not, the web will always have ideas for bootstrapping multimedia production.

Planning is different than having a plan. It means adjusting the realities of a situation to deliver within bands of quality, time and resources. Besides free hardware and software, the UCSF gives free training and mentoring to all members of their community. How did these shades of green appear all over my envy!

For the rest of us, resource procurement and management is just another production skill to cultivate. Over time, a resourceful planner learns to make more educated estimates on what can be done with the resources at hand.

Read the full post by Leiva here.

And for some starting ideas on planning content for lessons in Moodle, you can read the official documentation.

How do you approach content planning and production in your Moodle projects? Share with us in the comments below!

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