VET market leader IBSA sent Customer Service Manager Lauren McKerley along with “LMS Extraordinaire” Daniella Soccio to showcase their multi-tenancy approach to Moodle.

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Having one LMS from where to spawn all their VET (Vocational Education and Training) offering to other organizations sounds like a sensible strategy. This way, IBSA would endure less upgrade hurdles and costs, savings they could easily pass along to their customers.

Servicing the learning platform of many organizations is not a trivial affair. Not only the system should be robust enough to support several courses and student logins concurrently. Each organization should access a personalized, brandable experience. This, in short, is the promise of multi-tenancy in LMS.

Soccio describes the migration from an old LMS with multi-tenancy support to Moodle, which boasts gold-like malleability, and was already being requested by some of IBSA’s customers, but offers no multi-tenancy support by default.

With pragmatism, Soccio and IBSA chose Moodle Partner eCreators‘ solution, which features multi-tenancy. This set her to focus on content migration, which was supposed to be lackadaisical at best, but turned out to be celebrated by clients. They could now have the best Moodle had to offer from a hassle-free, Moodle service on the cloud.

At the end of the day, IBSA features a robust VET offering. Servicing a new a client is as simple as clicking on “Add a new client” on their multi-tenancy Moodle.

Watch the video for the full presentation.

For more on IBSA and their VET philosophy, visit

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