'Most Disruptive EdTech' Learning Tools For OneNote Available

Forbes blogger Jordan Shapiro reviewed the hackaton-born add-in for popular software Microsoft OneNote and wrote:

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When (…) the accessibility lead for Windows for education showed me the Tools, I was blown away. Learning Tools for OneNote was originally created for dyslexics, but it is game changer for everybody. It illustrates just how powerful the education technologies of the future can and will be.

OneNote incorporates speech recognition, audio playback and NLP into one working space, which makes it enough for him to differentiate from “a game, an adaptive learning engine, (…) a tool for quizzing, or polling, or managing data” other PR people invite him to notice.

Last September, Microsoft invited Shapiro as speaker for Hack the Classroom event, dubbing him an “education thought leader.

Learning Tools for OneNote allows customization of text for better reading in several contexts. On its feature page, the “revolutionary” features of OneNote include:

  • Enhanced dictation
  • Focus mode
  • Immersive reading
  • Font spacing
  • Parts of speech
  • Syllabification
  • Comprehension mode

Learning Tools is free to use for OneNote and is only available for Windows systems.

For integration between OneNote and LMS such as Moodle, the software offers LTI capabilities. See a webcast on using LTI to link OneNote content into Moodle.

What makes a technology disrupting in the education space? We want your views on our comments section.


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