MoodleMoot USA 2016 – the biggest EdTech event of the year has kicked off with the Workshop day today and the next two days will be filled with presentations by awesome educationists from a wide range of topics.
MoodleMoot USA 2016 kicked off with the Workshop day #MootUS16A number of preconference masterclasses are held, including; Mobile learning, Assessment strategies, Learning analytics and MOOC design. Hackfest also commences, providing developers with an exciting opportunity to brainstorm future developments at Moodle with the experienced developers from HQ and other Moodle community experts.
Networking among other Moodle users was at its best during the conference with more than 300 members attending the Moot.
We will keep you updated with the proceedings at the MoodleMoot USA. You can also follow the Twitter hashtag #MootUS16 for instant updates about MoodleMoot USA 2016.
Are you attending this year’s MoodleMoot USA? What are the sessions which you are waiting to attend? Do share your experience with this year’s Moot us in the comments below.

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