The MoodleMoot IE/UK recently published Martin Dougiamas’ 2016 Keynote: “The Road Ahead.” The keynote touches on a lot about enabling students, the Moodle Users Association and upcoming 3.1 release.

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As we have previously reported, one of the major announcements at about 19 minutes into the keynote was the expansion of MoodleCloud to offer paid hosting levels beyond just removing ads (which cost about $5 AUD). MoodleCloud for Schools offers three new levels: tiny, small and medium, each aimed at being a low-end option for schools.

Pricing tiers
Pricing tiers

The Cloud sites still offer no customization or 3rd party plugin options, though a few have found their way into the standard offering:

moodle cloud standard plugins

Moodle HQ has also been hard at work on a new theme that will be enabled for these accounts. This is just a quick render of the customizable (and very orange) splash screen.

moodle cloud 4schools themeThese plans/options are not yet available on the site but they likely will be in the coming calendar year. Stay tuned.

For more information about MoodleCloud visit

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Do you use Moodle Cloud? Tell us about your experience in the comments below!

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