Moodle Users Association Welcomes Two New Members, Says Goodbye To A Few Founding Members

Near the end of September, the Moodle Users Association closed its general election voting for the MUA members. In the end, it elected two new members to the committee while saying goodbye to several founding members, including outbound Treasurer, Fritz Vandover of CLAMP.

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The 10 total members will select leadership positions within the committee in the coming weeks.

Over 44,000 votes were cast.

Meet your 10 members below (rank ordered by total votes):

  • Hideto Harashima (Committee Member)
  • Mark McKay (Committee Member)
  • Nick Thompson (2015-2016 Chairperson)
  • Richard Samson (Newly Elected)
  • Emma Richardson (2015-2016 Secretary)
  • Jeff Webster (Committee Member)
  • Steve Powell (Committee Member)
  • Michael Sankey (2015-2016 Vice Chairperson)
  • Joseph Thibault (Committee Member)
  • Jean-Marc Doucet (Newly Elected)

Want a say in your MUA committee and projects? Join today:

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