Moodle Users Association transitions to final voting phase, 5 projects are considered

'Expanded Question Bank Management/Categorization' Chosen As First 2017 MUA Development Project

The Moodle Users Association has shifted into the final phase of its first official 6-month cycle: final voting.

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS


After receiving estimates from on 10 projects (including notification that some were not quite ready to be evaluated for a level of effort due to inadequate detail/requirement documentation) 5 projects were returned with estimates for time and cost.

The 5 projects are now put to vote by the Moodle Users Association membership. The projects are:

  • Allow custom course fields
  • Lesson improvements (interface only) – This project was proposed and requirements were written by Moodlenews.
  • My course dashboard (completion only)
  • Combine Enrolled Users and Participants page
  • Send Scheduled Messages

Voting ends July 15th, thereafter will be notified of the project with the most votes kicking off development of the feature hopefully to be ready and included in this Winter’s 3.2 release.

If you’re interested in weighing in the cost for membership is as low as 100 AUD.

Come join us and cast your vote!


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