Centre for Learning and Performance Technologies has recently published the list of top 200 tools for online learning and our beloved open source LMS – Moodle has got the 27th position worldwide, which is inferior as compared to the last year performance.
Last year Moodle stood out at 15th Rank which is continually degrading since 2011 when Moodle attained the best ever 8th rank. Centre for Learning and Performance Technologies have created this list based on the votes of learning professionals worldwide.
However, Moodle got the 11th rank in the top 100 tools for education list where YouTube is ranked as the Pole position i.e. 1st. In the top 100 tools list for Workplace learning, Moodle achieved the 41st ranking which is topped by Powerpoint.

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Top 10 learning tools for Education:

Moodle ranked 27th in Top 200 tools for online learning - down by 12 places @moodleThe top 10 learning tools for Education as voted by the learning professionals are as follows:

Moodle is far ahead than the other competitors like Blackboard, Canvas, Google Classroom, Desire2Learn, Blackboard collaborate etc. The biggest disappointment came for Canvas LMS which is down by 30 rank and currently placed at 67th position.
In my opinion, the decrement in the Moodle position year by year is mainly contributed by the old user interface since ages. However, the interface was customizable through themes but is limited to as compared to the other recent cutting edge tools which are visually appealing.
Since past few months, Moodle HQ has taken care of all the feedback about user interface and improved Moodle based on it. Moodle 3.2 will ship with a brand new theme which will be based on Bootstrap 4 framework. Messaging and Notifications system will be overhauled completely and the default Graph library is upgraded to Chart.js for creating different reports.
I hope by improving the user interface and other overhauls, Moodle will again regain the faith of the learning professionals. May be next year we will see an improved performance from Moodle based on the work done for Moodle 3.2. Let’s hope for the best and keep our fingers crossed.
Check out the complete reports below:

What are your views about the tools mentioned in the list? Which tools you are using for Online Learning? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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