Moodle Partner eThink Teams With rSmart For OneCampus Support Services


The OneCampus solution, catering to in-campus population needing an easy way to navigate, find and access services, will now be available as an integrated component of the eThink solutions bundle. A recent press release details the specifics of the partnership.

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A campus faculty, alumni and staff with OneCampus enabled can access a website or app to find out grades, calendars and student services. Depending on the institution, they can also access information on housing, tutoring and support services, and other resources. For K-12 schools, access to OneCampus for parents is also available, with financial information options.

The sensible integration with an institution’s LMS (Learning Management System) will simplify the daily campus life, as expected by rSmart CEO Tony Potts:

“By integrating the LMS, OneCampus provides easy access to important student information, through one location, and from any device. It’s truly search, click, done.”

From the LMS solutions side, eThink Education will enjoy the rSmart’s large physical userbase, in the hopes of promoting schools’ move to the cloud. Located in Baltimore, eThink’s status as a Moodle partner means they support the ongoing development of Moodle as an Open Source technology.

rSmart is headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ. Find out more about rSmart’s OneCampus here.

Find out more about eThink Learning here.

Get the full release here.


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