Moodle Partner BlackBoard Enters The Predictive Analytics For Learning Race With Blackboard Predict

The acquisition of skills is, in many ways, a risk management endeavor. Students face many perils through their learning years which might affect what they learn, how and for how long. There are also the risk factors. Health issues, social and financial situations place them at a disadvantage before the competition begins. The system has developed strategies to overcome these disadvantages, with noteworthy progress in many cases, but a lot of ground still to cover.

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Taking advantage of our modern connectivity and the vast data existing about our behaviors, many technologies offer better tools for a better management of a given student’s chances. Blackboard Predict is the latest of them.

With Blackboard predict, educators have access to a set of their students’ metrics, individually, through weekly updates. It forms a predictive model that lets them know about their expected performance and the areas of work that could overcome their shortfalls.

The system is made of three components: the custom prediction engine that uses existing student data, the visualization dashboard and the communications tool that alerts teachers and supporting staff. A selling point in Blackboard Predict is the openness. Buyers will have access to the source code of their model and data.

Students can also have access to a personal dashboard, showing them effects of their studying strategies and class comparisons. Advisors and administrators can also access demographic charts and even plug forecasting data streams to other pipes of their IT architecture.

Blackboard Predict was announced at recent BBWorld Conference. The launch of Blackboard Predict follows the acquisition, last December, of predictive analytics for education company Blue Canary. It complements their analytics division, whose most popular representative is X-Ray Analytics.

Find out more about Blackboard Predict here.

Read the announcement here.


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