Moodle has expanded its partners network to Austria by adding eDaktik to the existing Moodle partners network making it the first Moodle partner in the country and strengthening the Moodle partners network to 82 in total in 47 countries worldwide.

Moodle expands its partner network to Austria by adding eDaktik #MoodlePartnersIn a recent announcement, Moodle HQ has announced the inclusion of eDaktik to the Moodle Partners network. After joining the Moodle Partners network, Andreas Hruska of eDaktik commented “We look forward to working with Moodle HQ to establish a powerful Moodle presence in Vienna. We have the knowledge, experience, network, manpower and dedication to be a strong Moodle Partner.”
“After years of knowing each other I’m happy that we finally have a closer relationship with Andreas and his team” said Martin Dougiamas, CEO and Founder of Moodle. “I’m really looking forward to working together to support Moodlers in the region”.
The company eDaktik, established in 2003 was active with Global Moodle community since long back and offering Moodle hosting, custom development, consulting, content creation, support and training to Moodle users in both the education and business sectors. For more information about the company profile, check out the official website of eDaktik here-

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