Moodle expands its horizon in Latin America by adding Atypax Technology to its growing list of Moodle partners #moodle


Moodle has continued expanding its horizon around the globe by adding Moodle Partners at a rapid pace in last few months. Recently, Moodle HQ announced the inclusion of new Moodle partner in the family – Atypax Technology + Design, as the second Moodle partner in Peru.

Moodle expands its horizon in Latin America by adding Atypax Technology to its growing list of Moodle partners #moodle
Atypax technology – Latest Moodle Partner in Peru

Atypax technology – the digital agency based in Lima, Peru was founded by a group of education innovators. The Atypax team are committed to creating exciting digital experiences for users and helping their customers meet their technology and business goals.
With the inclusion of Atypax to the Moodle partners network, the total number of Moodle partners has increased to a total of 83 partners in 43 countries worldwide.
Inclusion of Atypax Technology to the Moodle partners network after the sole Moodle Partner – MoodleRooms, sets a new benchmark for edtech in Latin America. Atypax’s vision to set a high-level benchmark for edtech in Latin America and peru makes it a right fit to align with the mission of Moodle project.
In a recent announcement, CEO and Founder of Moodle, Dr. Martin Dougiamas commented:

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It’s with real pleasure that I welcome Atypax to the group as a new Moodle Partner Certified Services Provider, one that provides a wide range of Moodle services.
I look forward to strengthening the partnership between Moodle and Atypax and working together to create quality edtech experiences for Moodle users in Peru and Latin America.

Luis Felix Atuncar, CEO of Atypax, commented that being a Certified Moodle Partner provides the company with the accreditation to continue delivering Moodle services that are of the highest standard.

Atypax has been providing Moodle services, such as custom theme design, plugins development and helpdesk support in Peru and other Latin American countries since 2012. Although we are a young company, we work hard on our reputation to deliver innovative edtech tools that support an organisation and its people to grow.
Being a Certified Moodle Partner will continue to help us build on that reputation and provide our Moodle users with confidence in our services.
We are proud of our achievements so far and now as a Moodle Partner we look forward to continuing our work in providing first-class technology solutions for Moodle users.

Check out more about the services offered by Atypax on the official website here –

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