Moodle Forums are a wealthy resource of knowledge about Moodle and provide support to all Moodle users by experienced Moodle users. But for a newbie Moodlers, the forums may appear to be confusing at first.
To ask for any help in forums, you need to remember only 2 important things –  Asking your question in the right place and write a good discussion/subject title, include information that will help solve the problem.
Moodle Doc of the day - Getting help in Moodle Forums #MoodleDocs
Today I came across this Moodle doc which will guide all the new Moodle users about getting help in Moodle forums. The docs contains the basics of asking help in forums, writing a good forum post, editing and follow up messages and some good forum manners.
If you are also among newbie Moodlers and feels that Moodle forums are a bit confusing for you, then first check out the doc here and start Moodling.
Happy Moodling!!!

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