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Today is a watershed day for the Moodle community (at least the developer community!) as the number of commits to the Moodle core has surpassed 100,000. These contributions have come from more than 525 developers across 55 countries. Truly, Moodle is a global LMS powerhouse.

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What is a commit? This is basically shorthand for when a developer moves a change, fix, edit to the Moodle core from a development environment to the production environment. Short story there has been a LOT of work done on Moodle over the years to make sure it continues to evolve and add value for schools and businesses the world over.

As you might guess, @moodler himself tops the list of commits, followed very closely by Petr Skoda. But what is truly extraordinary is the depth and breadth of the list of developers who have contributed their time and effort to making Moodle what it is today.

Don’t worry if you’re not a developer, or have no desire to become one: there are many, many ways for you to join the Moodle community. Contribute in the forums, show others how you’ve used Moodle creatively, or just be an active user of the platform.

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